Foster Care Ministry Outreach

Ministry and church outreach programs form a critical role in the foster care community. Churches provide a caring and loving environment founded on a Christ-centered, solid foundation. This is especially important for vulnerable populations, such as foster children (James 1:27, Isaiah 1:17). Understanding the role foster care ministry plays can help individuals, organizations, agencies, groups, and businesses identify places wherein they can offer (or seek) support when needed.

Our Work with Churches


We believe working with a church partner to establish clear plans surrounding the foster care system is vital to successful foster care and outreach. The church is equipped with well-meaning and meaningful resource provision and support structures for foster families.


The broader church community offers unique opportunities to expand the foster family support structure and network. There are several ways churches can serve the foster community; we can provide a method for enhancing church impact.


Foster Coalition seeks to connect existing agencies and organizations with churches to help churches create a Foster Ministry Team within their congregation. This will empower and focus efforts to provide effective, efficient, and long-term results. Foster Coalition will work with local governments in administrative oversight to ensure targeted solutions.

Connecting Foster Families with Organizations

The church has a broad reach and thriving community ready to serve, offering instrumental resources to those involved in foster care. With a network of families in foster care and established foster homes, many congregations already have a deep understanding, respect, and passion for the foster care system.


We believe churches are integral in helping support foster care and foster parents. Foster Coalition wishes to facilitate these relationships between foster families, churches, and organizations.

Want to Start a Foster Care Ministry at Your Church?


Starting a Foster Care Ministry at your church, while somewhat involved (more than just having foster and adoptive parents), is a noble effort that can lead to (generationally!) changed lives. And you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, you need not to. Foster Coalition helps you and your church kick off your ministry, providing resources to start, train, and equip foster care workers. Click here to see an overview of the process.

Church Resources for Foster Children


There are many aspects involved with children and families involved in the foster care community. 


Children in care often come from different backgrounds. Children in foster care have different experiences that have led to their placement in the foster care system. Foster Coalition recognizes opportunities for family reunification and the importance of transition for foster children into adoption and/or adulthood.


Churches have the unique ability to build lifelong connections with (and provide support structures for) children in foster care. 


We believe the church’s role is to ensure more foster families are equipped to provide foster care and know the foundational truth of Christ’s guidance in life. We support churches through connection with existing organizations, guidance counseling, trauma support services, and training for individualized care for foster children.

Adoptive Families & Orphan Care Ministries


Foster care ministry helps to provide for and facilitate foster homes as well as adoptive services. Ministries and churches often provide counseling services and critical resources for fostering communities to help support adoptive transition for foster children and caregivers.


Through poignant counseling and support, foster parents are better equipped to go through the adoption process. Local churches can provide information and resources regarding adoption, if members of the congregation are interested in adopting or called to adopt. Resources and long-term support plans provided by churches can help fulfill adoption requirements and fulfill much-need support roles. Ministries have a long history of providing help for those in need in accordance with God’s divine direction (Psalm 68:5, Psalm 146:9) and working to rectify wrongs.

Church Resources for Foster Parents


Being a parent is a challenge in and of itself, especially when certain circumstances are present. Parenting foster children requires a unique support structure that churches are uniquely positioned to provide. Foster parents have ample opportunities to seek guidance and assistance from ministry support.


Our hope at Foster Coalition is to help cultivate a relationship between ministries and those in foster care, as the church is a ready-made resource for the vulnerable. 


If you are a church or part of a church organization, we invite you to connect with us about opportunities to serve your community and the foster care system.


If you are looking for a local church with a dedicated Foster Care Ministry, get in touch with us at Foster Coalition. We are beyond excited to facilitate a connection between you and ministry support, and look forward to future outreach programs that can help play a part in improving the foster care system.