Fostering for Success

Fostering for Success

When foster parents don’t get the help they need and deserve, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. We understand how it feels not to have the proper resources and training you need to raise your foster children. We also know how it feels as an organization to be spinning your wheels without a way to reach those you want to serve. And we’ve been able to do something unique – bring all these organizations and families together. Whether you’re a foster family, aging out foster kid, or a support organization looking to reach families, we can help.


We bridge the gap between families, agencies, churches, and other support organizations to help foster children succeed both now and as they enter adulthood. We connect organizations and volunteers with vital resources, specialized training, continuing education, and network conferences.


All children in foster care have experienced trauma, leading them to ask themselves one or more of the following heartbreaking questions:

  • Will I lose one or both of my parents due to death, addiction, divorce, desertion, or prison? They need security.
  • What is my purpose on Earth? What will I accomplish? What’s wrong with me that my parents chose addiction or someone else over me? Am I important? They need to feel significant.
  • Will I find anyone who will love me as much as I love them? They need acceptance.


Agencies do a great job of rescuing children from dangerous and unhealthy situations. However, they need help recruiting, equipping, and training foster advocates. Because of the great need for foster parents, volunteers, and mentors combined with a high turnover of foster advocates, it is difficult for foster children to move through the process efficiently. A significant number of valuable resources are available. However, confusion remains about what resources are available, who provides resources and training, and how to obtain them without delay. 


Lack of unity and communication among agencies, volunteers, and organizations is one of the biggest problems in the system. It results in reduced training for volunteers, loss of services and benefits, and a lower volunteer retention rate. The foster care system has received much negative publicity, and there is an increased need for mentors and mentorship programs. The number of foster children in the system has continued to rise every year.


Foster Coalition will connect local agencies and organizations with resources to help foster advocates provide safe and loving homes.
We’ll work to create a positive public image by sharing success stories of our foster children while offering training and continuing education for all foster advocates. We’ll provide church leadership with Foster Care Ministry Teams to recruit foster parents, mentors, and volunteers. We will also assist local and state hubs to guide churches and ensure that training and ongoing education are available and consistent with all foster advocates. And we’ll always be available to offer encouragement and love to everyone we meet along our journey. We hope you join us!

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